Prince Edward Island
Submetering Services


North American Leader in Utility Recovery Solutions

Canada Utility Management helps multifamily property owners recover utilities through submeter design, installation, and maintenance, ratio utility billing solutions, invoice processing, collections, vacant cost recovery, and utility benchmarking.

We work directly with our clients to customize a plan that works for the property owner and residents. Our solutions increase net operating income and property values and promote utility conservation.

Services are available for:

  • Multifamily apartments

  • Condominiums

  • Townhome communities

  • Student housing

  • Marinas

  • Mobile home parks

  • Commercial properties

  • Office

Your residents will love us too. We offer 7/24/365 online payment processing and extended hours of English and Spanish phone support.

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Contact us at 1-800-805-5216 to discuss regulations in your area.


Seamless Transition

“They have done an excellent job with our properties. They are very professional and have seamlessly transitioned many of our apartment buildings to the Ratio Utility Billing program, as well as setting up online automated meter reading and billing with our newer properties. I would recommend them to small and large property owners alike.”

Best Implementation

“I am very impressed with the level of attention given us as we transitioned to their platform. They addressed all our questions, thoroughly validated the data we supplied, and made certain our account was setup exactly as intended. One of the best implementations I’ve been through. Kudos!”

Great Incentives

“Accurately monitoring each apartment home’s electrical usage gives greater incentive for residents to conserve energy, since they are paying for exactly what they use. During a one-year period, an average of 17% less energy was consumed in the submetered residences.”

Canada Utility Services is Your Nationwide Provider

Canada Utility Management provides Utility Billing services across Canada where regulations permit submetering or ratio utility billing systems. We can provide current utility billing regulations in your area to ensure proper setup and a seamless, error free implementation. Find out the current utility regulations in your area. LEARN MORE